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Seed to Snack: Discover Blake’s Seed Based Snacks

 Seeds offer incredible nutrition. But most of us don’t eat enough of these superfoods. Enter Blake's Seed Based Snacks - delightfully crunchy creations that transform mighty seeds into craveable, on-the-go munchies.

This variety pack from Blake's lets you sample their most popular savory and sweet seed-based snacks. Ready to start snacking smarter? Let's see what makes these innovative snacks so special.

Blake’s Seed Based Snacks

(CTA) Ready to dive into crunchy seed snacking? Grab this tempting assortment from Blake’s on Amazon to get started!

Why Choose Seed-Based Snacks?

Packing bags or boxes with crunchy seeds might seem basic on the surface. But these bite-sized superfoods deliver a nutritional punch. Here’s why seeds make a sensible snacking choice:

Packed with protein – Just a handful of seeds provides filling protein to help you power through your day.

Good source of fiber – Most seeds supply a hefty dose of dietary fiber that supports digestion and heart health.

Provide healthy fats – Seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids that are vital for hormone regulation, vitamin absorption, and more.

Rich in micronutrients – Essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron and more abound in most seeds.

Antioxidant benefits – Many seeds brim with antioxidants that fight free radical damage.

Low carb and low sugar – Ideal options for low carb, keto, or diabetic eating patterns.

Crunchy texture – The satisfying crunch makes seeds perfect for snacking anytime.

Portable – These non-perishable snacks are convenient to take anywhere.

Economical – Seeds offer more nutrition per ounce compared to many other snack items.

Endlessly versatile – Sweet, savory, spicy...seeds pair well with anything!

With credentials like these, it’s easy to see why seeds deserve more snacking attention.

What’s Inside Blake’s Seed Based Variety Pack

This sampler from Blake’s gathers their tastiest seed based creations into one box, including:

Sweet Snacks

  • Roasted Cinnamon Pecans
  • Honey Pistachios
  • Vanilla Almonds

Savory Snacks

  • Sea Salt Pepitas
  • Jalapeno Cashews
  • Ranch Cashews
  • Sea Salt Almonds
  • Habanero Cashews

Coated Snacks

  • Yogurt Coated Peanuts
  • Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds
  • Chocolate Covered Pepitas

With 10 different flavors, you’re sure to find new favorite seed snacks to add to your regular rotation.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these crunchy snacks so crave-worthy.

(CTA) Ready to dive into crunchy seed snacking? Grab this tempting assortment from Blake’s on Amazon to get started!

Why Blake’s Seed Based Snacks Are Special

These thoughtfully crafted snacks start with quality seeds sourced from family farms. Blake’s then meticulously roasts, seasons, and coats them in their own facility for snack perfection. Here’s what makes their creations so stellar:

Carefully Roasted

Blake’s roasts their seeds to enhance flavor without compromising nutrition.

Crafted Seasonings

From sweet cinnamon to spicy habanero, every flavor pops thanks to their flavor gurus.

Thin, Toasty Coatings

Subtly applied chocolate and yogurt coats add indulgence without overriding the seeds’ natural taste.

No Artificial Junk

You’ll never find artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in their snacks.


Every item in this pack is gluten-free, ideal for gluten intolerant snackers.

No Added Sugar

Blake's adds only minimal honey or maple syrup to a few flavors.


All their seeds come from non-GMO sources.

Top Food Safety

Their SQF Level 3 certification ensures the highest standards.

B Corporation

Blake’s meets rigorous ethical, social, and environmental standards to benefit people and planet.

Family Owned

Blake’s is a second-generation family owned and operated company.

Made in USA

Snacks produced in Blake’s own New Hampshire factory.

With credentials like these, you can feel good snack time. But how do they taste?

Standout Flavors in This Variety Pack

While everyone has their own taste preferences, some of the most raved about flavors in this mix include:

Vanilla Almonds

Plump almonds roasted and tossed in a sweet, tongue-tingling vanilla coating.

Honey Pistachios

Lightly sweetened with honey then roasted for optimal crunch.

Jalapeno Cashews

Fiery jalapeno and savory cheddar seasonings on premium cashews.

Sea Salt and Vinegar Pepitas

Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) shaken with addictive sea salt and vinegar.

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

The ideal blend of dark chocolate drizzled over hearty, vitamin E-rich seeds.

Of course, the full assortment allows you to decide your own winners!

(CTA) Want to discover your new favorite seed snacks? Get this Variety Pack from Blake's on Amazon!

More On Blake’s Seed Based Snacks

Beyond the seeds, seasonings, and toasty coatings, here’s more about the Blake’s brand and their seed snacking philosophy:

Started With a Recipe

Blake's founder, Blake Thompson, first began roasting and seasoning seeds in 2001 using his mother's recipe.

Family Helped It Grow

In 2014, Blake brought his brother, Scott Thompson, on board. Together they grew Blake’s into an iconic brand.

Simple But Bold Mission

To share insanely tasty, high quality snacks that happen to be vegan and gluten free.

More Than Nuts and Seeds

While best known for their seeds, Blake's also crafts nut butters, bars, and trail mixes.

Ever-Expanding Offerings

They continuously experiment with exciting new flavors, coatings, and ingredient combinations.

Commitment to Community

Blake's donates a portion of profits to organizations fighting hunger.

Sample this leading brand through the variety pack, then explore more of their mouths-watering snacks. Your taste buds will thank you.

Tips for Using Your Variety Pack

Once you rip open your box of Blake’s vibrant snacks, a few tips will help you make the most of it:

  • Try a Little of Each - Resist devouring one flavor. Pace yourself to savor the variety.
  • Single Serve - Portion into small containers or bags for grabbing on-the-go.
  • Mix and Match - Create custom trail mixes with your favorite item combos.
  • Store Properly - Follow any storage instructions to maintain freshness.
  • Goes Great With... - Incorporate into snack boards, parfaits, oatmeal, salads, or baked goods.
  • Mindful Eating - Savor the flavors and textures rather than wolfing them down.
  • Hydrate - Drink water to stay satisfied longer. Sparking water pairs perfectly.
  • Share the Love - Gift a few favorites to snack-loving family and friends.

Follow this advice to keep your variety pack snacks tasting their best and avoid overindulging.

More Satisfying and Nutritious Snack Ideas

While Blake’s collection satisfies any seed snack craving, it always helps to have more options in your healthy snacking arsenal, including:

Fresh Fruit

Apples, berries, bananas, grapes, citrus fruits, melon.


Snap peas, mini peppers, carrots, jicama, radishes, cucumbers, edamame.


Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans. Go for unsalted or lightly salted.

Nut Butters

Almond, cashew, peanut butter. Buy unsweetened or lightly sweetened.


Choose unsweetened Greek yogurt. Pair with fruit and nuts.


Low-fat cheese sticks, slices or cubes – cheddar, mozzarella, swiss.


Air-popped then tossed with spices for crunch without calories.

Energy Bites

DIY bites with oats, nuts, seeds, nut butter, and dried fruit.

Protein Bars

Seek low sugar bars with about 10-15g protein.


Whip up a batch and dip in veggies for creaminess and healthy fats.


Purée chickpeas, tahini and seasonings for a fiber and protein-packed dip.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Make a half dozen on the weekend for an easy high protein snack all week.

Pair your Blake’s snacks with these nourishing options for even more snack time inspiration.

(CTA) Ready to explore a world of crazy-delicious seed snacks? Get this assorted Variety Pack from Blake's on Amazon now!

Helpful Resources for Healthy Snacking

Take your snacking know-how even further with these helpful resources:

Complete Guide to Seeds – All about seeds’ amazing benefits from AllRecipes

High Protein Snacks – Protein-packed snack options from Eat This Not That

Satisfying Low Carb Snacks – Ideas for low carb snacking from Diethood

Snacks for Weight Loss – Waistline-friendly picks from Eat This Not That

Snack Healthy on a Budget - Wallet-friendly snack suggestions from WebMD

Portable Snacks – On-the-go options from Greatist

Tips for Snack Mindfulness – Snack slowly and thoughtfully with guidance from Mindful

Let these handy guides enrich your snacking habits and nourish your body.

Discover Your New Favorite Snacks

Tired of the same old pre-packaged snacks? This cutting-edge variety pack from Blake’s provides a tastier, more nutritious way to snack.

Using superb seeds as their base, Blake’s crafts crunchy creations to suit any palate - sweet, salty, or spicy. With the impressive nutrition seeds provide, you can feel good while indulging your cravings.

Try baking Blake’s snacks into homemade granola bars, sprinkling them on salads for crunch, or simply enjoying a handful straight from the pack. However you snack, these artfully roasted and seasoned seeds bring a bold new dimension of flavor and nutrition compared to outdated old snacks.

So open up and get munching your way through this collection! Then keep exploring all that Blake’s has to offer your snacking repertoire for the healthiest and most satisfying snacks around.

(CTA) Ready to dive into crunchy seed snacking? Grab this tempting assortment from Blake’s on Amazon to get started!


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